Why Choose Winning Boxing Gloves
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The Prefered Choice of TOP Fighters and Boxers Around the World Winning Handmade in Japan

Why Choose Winning Boxing Gloves

Winning Boxing Gloves

1.Surprisingly Light Feel

When compared to gloves of the same weight, Winning's boxing gloves feels lighter than any other brand. The surprising sense of lightness comes from taking the entire weight distribution of the glove to mind and handcrafting every glove as an individual.

2.Secure and Comfortable Fit

The glove's internal ergonomic design contours to the wearer's hand. Just slipping a pair on feels as if the gloves are molded to fit your hands.

3.Brings out your Natural Punch

The soft inner cushions allow for a natural fist clench, so your punches flow naturally, preventing bad punching habits to take root. It is an indespensible equipment during training and official fights.

What Winning Users Say

  • "Its the same 8oz weight to other brands, but somehow it feels lighter."
  • "The gloves' and headgear's fit is indesputable."
  • "The feel on impact when punching with Winning gloves is much more natural than other gloves."
  • "Even though it is expensive; it lasts a long time."
  • "It's accepted at all official fights. And it can be used for anything."
  • "Other gloves soon show signs of wear, while Winning gloves are built tough."
  • "Hands don't hurt when doing mitts and bag drills."

The Winning Method to Exceptional Quality

Winning Boxing Gloves

Handmade by the Top Craftsmen

Since 1937, Winning products were made by the hands of top experienced craftsmen without any machine assistance. Without machines, Winning takes pride in their attention to the finest of details to create gears of exceptional quality.

This is why professional fighters and boxing gyms continue to choose Winning as their prefered gear.

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