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Fitness Shop Privacy Policy
1.The meaning of "Personal Information"
"Personal information" is data of a living personal that may lead to that person; such as name, date of birth, or address. Data that can be compared to others will also be considered as "personal data".

2.Collecting "personal data"
At the time of purchase, we may need to collect your "personal information" in order to complete the shopping process. When we collect and asking for your "personal information", we will notify you the precise reason, and how that information will allow us to provide you quality service.

The "personal information" we will ask for are the following:

a) Name
b) Gender
c) Date of Birth
d) Address
e) Phone Number
f) Email address
g) Previous transactions with our store

3.The purpose of collecting of "personal information"
The purpose of collecting "personal information" from our customers as the following:

a) To make sure that the product can be successfully purchased.
b) To make sure that the product can be successfully delivered.
c) To make sure that the payment is successful.
d) When we send back notices.

At our store, customerfs personal information will not go to other peoplefs hands except in the following reasons.

a) Occasions based on the law, or whenever we are asked by the country for legal actions.
b) In occasions where a person may be in danger, physically or financially, where it is difficult to receive an approval from you the customer.
c) When we are trading personal data between firms that are related to ours.

4.Managing the personal information safely.
We manage the information of customers in the most carful manner, by contracting with reliable firms that have high security systems, efficient and quality service, and mostly, ethical managing manners. Moreover, our store works on risk management to increase the level of security for customers each day to prevent illegal viewing of personal information and loss of personal information.

5.Erasing and changing the personal information
Please contact the following when a change needs to be made to the personal information.
For customers who have registered as a user, changes to the personal information can be done at the "My Account" page from our homepage.

6.The use of "cookie"
We may enable the "cookie" in order for us to provide better service. However, this will not collect any private data that will identify a specific person or go against personal privacy.
For customers who wish for the "cookie" to not be used, you can change the settings on the browser.
* "Cookie" is information sent from our server computer that gets stored to customerfs hard drive.

7.The use of "SSL"
We use the SSL (Security Sockets Layer) technology to prevent information to leak outside to others.
*SSL will change data to digital codes to increase the security level when information is exchanged electronically.

8.Contact information click here

9.Change to the privacy policy
We will notice our customers through our web page whenever there are changes that need to be made with the personal information that we ask for.

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