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Winning - Small-sized Punching Mitt, curved shape(Left & Right, one pair)
Impact absorbing sponge used as palm cushion. Easy slip on/off (Attachable Band included)
Winning - Standard Type (Left & Right, one pair)
Winning - Standard Type (Left & Right, one pair)
Winning - Small-sized Punching Mitt, oval shape(Left & Right, one pair)
Easy slip on/off - Fits for easy worm ups. The sound of each impact is great!!

Winning - Soft type(Left & Right, one pair)
Easy-to-wear Belt-less system designed for you. The space in the center for punches work as air-cushions to minimize impact.
Winning - Hand Mitt
Trust we have earned for the results shown for over half a century. Winning Products are invented based on safety, function, durability. This is a new type of mitt that thinks of decreasing the damage of what the trainer (person taking the punches) receives.

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