How to Improve Punching Power: MMA Perspective.

Hey guys, after editing this post for a long long time, it is finally ready. As promised, here’s our series on how to improve punching power. But before we go into the specifics, there is some myths to debunk.
When I started Muay Thai, I would put all of my power into making the punch. I would tense up my shoulders, elbows, and wrist, and try to put as much force into the punch. In my mind’s eye, I looked touch and strong. But unbeknownst to me, my trainer and instructors see power wasted. They kept on telling me to relax my shoulders, keep a forward lean, rotate my hips, and snap my back heel out. I couldn’t understand the dynamics at the time. It was not until 2 years down the road that the realization finally came to me. And on came a period of experimentation that ultimately debunked several myths I used to hold about punching. Let’s run them down, in this particular order!
1) Lifting weights make you punch harder.
2) Straight arms makes good punches..
3) Your most powerful straight or cross goes right in front of you.
4) A sideways-stance minimizes targets and set you up for a strong back hand.
5) Rotating your fist as you accelerate will increase your punching power.
6) Balanced weight on each leg will allow you to use any weapon you choose.
7) A good roundhouse ends where it starts.

Winning Headgear Comparison: FG-2900 & FG-5000

Winning Headgear FG-2900 FG-5000

Winning Headgear FG-2900 FG-5000

Hi all! After a month of traveling and a painful back injury from poor form after a long absence from lifting, Odyssey is back! That reminded me, I’m going to do an article on punching power to try to complement one of the best articles ever written on this subject. All of which you can expect within the next 10 days.

That said, lately we have been getting some questions about what to choose from our line of exceptional headgears. Most of the questions are focused on two models: the FG-2900 and the FG-5000. Both of these are excellent headgears, but there are many things to consider in terms of their specific properties and also their short-term and long-term applications. The properties include their weight, visibility, and protection, which include coverage and padding (check out our post on choosing headgears here). The applications include training, sparring, amateur fighting, and ultimately pro-level competitions. We’ll talk about them in detail today =)

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The 3 Month Winning® Boxing Glove Review of the MS-600, Part 1: First Impressions.

It’s Christmas for Odyssey today! I just got one of the coolest birthday presents from my colleagues in Japan. A pair of the legendary 16oz Winning® MS-600-B boxing gloves! Here it is!!…MS-600 cover cropped…and it kicks off my 3 month long review of the Winning® MS-600-B until it is broken in =) For now, there are some important impressions that one must mention (’cause I will just forget). Continue reading

Boxing Headgear 101: How to choose a Boxing Headgear

Boxing_at_the_2000_Olympic_games-cropped-smallBoxing headgear is a serious equipment. Many people think that having a set of boxing gloves is a declaration that you are a boxer or fighter. However, to me, those who carries a good headgear around are those who have gone through certain amount of training and gain a good amount of experience, aka, the pros. In the limelight, we often focus on the shining weapons taped to the two fighters’ hands and often fail to realize the amount of effort, injury, and pain that it took to get there. Behind every successful boxer and fighter, is a good headgear! (in addition to a good coach, of course) And today, we are going to give you the rundown on how to choose your own headgear…

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Boxing in Japan, of sumo wrestlers, boxers, and sailors!?!?

417px-EastWestWoodblockSo, what does a sumo wrestler, boxer, and sailor have in common? No, not the stinky, sweaty smell, the history of boxing in Japan!! That’s right! When people ask about how a sport started you often get this…some inspiring guy some where decided  to do something amazing or stupid and ended up having it caught on…or some long tradition that modern life no longer needs gets toned down and put into the arena. No matter what the origin of a sport is, it either came from being a necessary tool for survival, or a fantastic form of entertainment. So which one was it that jump started boxing in Japan? Lets take a look at how it all started…

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The Best Place for MMA Fans in Japan.

SuidobashiSince 2010, Canada’s Toronto has been dubbed “The Mecca of MMA”, along with Las Vegas at a close second. However, if we may distinguish the world into Eastern and Western cultures just like so many other disciplines, there exists a “Mecca of MMA” in the East. It’s location? At the little known station of Suidobashi (Sue-E-Doh-Ba-She) along Japan Rail’s (JR) Chuo Line in Tokyo, Japan.

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Boxing Gloves 101: How to Choose your Boxing Gloves

Winning Gloves RingFor the new fighters out there. Congratulations on choosing a new hobby or career that won’t be easy, but it will be filled with rewards, especially mental. Beneath the bruises, cuts, and black eyes, is a stronger soul and will that will serve beyond the ring. Here in FS, we don’t see boxing, MMA, Muay Thai as bloody, grotesque sports, they have a certain purity to it when a man is stripped of his social status and wealth outside the ring and left only with his will to sustain himself. There is no winner and loser and combat sports, everyone is a winner to himself as long as they tried.

But, for the inspiring journey ahead, we will need to choose a good pair of boxing gloves to start. There are many brands out there to choose from and even though we standby Winning’s Top-of-the-line boxing gloves. There are other things one must consider before buying. The ultimate goal is to find a pair a gloves that will grow with you and not inhibit you when you get stronger. With that in mind, lets look at a few parameters in order of importance. Continue reading

Winning Continues to be rated the Best Boxing Gloves in the Market!!

Winning Gloves GloryHey Fighters. Anyone who’s been in the sport long enough has all heard of the name Winning. A search online will find Winning mentioned as possibly the best boxing glove one can buy and is the preferred choice of pro boxers anywhere. We are happy to provide the best to those in the sport, even if one day we might meet them in the ring =). So here’s a few things about Winning that sets it apart from the rest.

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Canada Custom Duties and Taxes on MMA Gear as Merchandise and as a Gift

Hello Fighters! After our last Custom Duties and Taxes on MMA Gear post, some have pointed out that we should separate the countries one-by-one and provide more information. So we did some more research and decided to troubleshoot the country where people are having the most problems with custom duties and taxes – Canada.

customs CA


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“Should I wear gloves when doing bag work?” Tell us what you think!

Weapon of Choice

A friend just pointed out to us after reading our gel versus foam pads post, that we completely ignored the discussion on whether one should wear gloves at all when doing bag work. So we did some research on the subject on and offline and found…nothing… Apparently, different people had different preferences. Some of our guys use full 16 oz gloves for everything while others just use handwraps for almost everything except sparring. The argument seems to be centered on what to prioritize, hand protection or hand conditioning. So…here’s to you, our fellow fighter, what do you wear when you do bag work?

If you feel like it, leave a comment and tell us why =)

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